Which is better? Five Diamond Homes OR popular Vacation Rental Sites

There are lots of options for travelers for a vacation rental in Colorado Springs this summer. Consider this, you can be at a room in a hotel, confined to your own self and pay an exorbitant amount per night or stay at a vacation rental.

If you have decided to stay at a vacation rental, you head to a LISTING SITE to BOOK your favorite vacation home.


Here is the catch.


Staying at a Vacation Rental is fun and relaxing at the same time if you decide on the following factors.


Ease of Booking:

Many Vacation Rental Sites offer easy access to the homes to book your Vacation Rental stay. The booking book process is easy through a website of App & you can buy travel Insurance as well.


Whether you want to vacation in Colorado Springs or Winter Park, you would want to book through a trustworthy site. Otherwise, you risk losing that beautiful vacation that you could be part of.

 Efficient Customer Service:

Once you have booked your vacation Rental you might have a question or two about your stay at the property. Various Listing Sites offer 24/7 help through their call centers and they come in handy in case of a quick question from the customer.




Most of the LISTING SITES rob you off extra money while they do all of that. You are mostly unaware of the Property in question. Here are some of the issues with these popular listing sites never tell you.


Do you know what a service fee is? It is a fee charged by popular vacation rental Websites to maintain their Websites. Just so that you know, they also charge a HUGE PERCENTAGE per booking from HOMEOWNERS to give them a booking in addition to an annual subscription fee.  

So, the next time you book your Vacation rental Colorado Springs or Winter Park or in California be aware of the EXTRA money that they charge you.


When you click on their TERMS & CONDITIONS agreement, they also take permission to share your Data with other third-party sites. It is ridiculous because you cannot book without hitting the TICK in terms and conditions button. So if you do not want your data shared, you know what to do.



Popular Vacation rental sites are smart. They know how to charge more per booking that benefits them each time you book. They increase or decrease a vacation rental price based on the demand. Every time you book a popular home in your preferred location, you end up paying more than your usual price. You can’t help it because you can only talk to the homeowner after you book.

This is crucial because if you have paid the extra price, you will also pay a higher SERVICE FEE which is a percentage of a total rental excluding other costs like security deposit and cleaning fee.



This is a big question considering there are very few options available. Right, no, all you need to do is some research.

Though popular vacation rental sites give a feeling of trust and reliability, they fail to address your immediate issues. If you can end up saving $ on your numerous vacations per year then why not do it by looking for sites which do the following:

·         No hidden SERVICE FEE


·         One pricing each season

One look at www.fivediamdhotelalternatives.com and you would know that you are in control. It has been operational for over a decade and has served several satisfied customers. Check out our properties for an ideal vacation rental Colorado Springs, Vacation Rental California or vacation rental in Vail today and know how you can SAVE on that lucrative vacation deal per year.




Why FDHA is different and unique?


·         You SAVE on SERVICE FEE

·         You get Happy Home owners who do not have to pay higher payout to FDHA like other POPULAR SITES.

·         Homeowners and Guests are in control of the reservation.

·         FDHA offers an 8% discount to our family of Property owners.


Call us on 609-389-9844 OR email us at booking@fivediamondhotelalternatives.com


Which is better? Five Diamond Homes OR popular Vacation Rental Sites

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