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FDHA provides nightly reservations of luxury properties. FDHA is providing funding to to promote world peace through the moral education of children throughout the world.We ask for your help.

Wake2Bed is creating an educational program for children throughout the world to learn and apply fundamental values that promote peace and unity. Wake2Bed will develop an educational and instructional program comprising books and lesson plans that teach values of peace, empathy, appreciation, compassion, equality, love and kindness among all people, regardless of their background. The educational program that Wake2Bed is developing includes the reading of hundreds of books over a consecutive 13-year educational period.

Our tireless efforts will focus on implementing this educational program in every grade from kindergarten through 12th grade and in every school throughout the world. Wake2Bed will employ and work with the most highly qualified teachers that we can find from each grade level.

The best teachers that Wake2Bed can employ from each grade level will be asked to write and develop this educational program to be implemented in all schools. After the books and lesson plans are developed and approved by our selected teachers, we will then ask our President and the United Nations to work with world leaders to require the teaching of these values at a very early age in all schools. We believe that teaching values of peace, love, kindness, compassion and equality among all people in our schools from pre-school through high school will promote peace and unity among a new, emerging generation of people throughout the world and is just as important as teaching Math, Science and Language.

By becoming a registered traveler with FDHA or a registered Property owner who has listed properties for free on our site, we ask that you take our personal pledge to adopt and follow Wake2bed’s basic principle of promoting, expressing and showing Peace, Empathy, Appreciation, Compassion, Equality, Love and Kindness (PEACE LK) towards all people. We ask that you further pledge to base your actions upon this well-thought out concise moral principle that never waivers when you are confronted with making a decision or responding to any adversity.

By supporting and donating to FDHA’s program today to promote world peace, you are making a monumental impact in the world. Your donation will help unify the world to peace by early education everywhere that denounces war, killings, hatred, bigotry, indifference, apathy, inequality among people, cruelty and prejudice among all nations.

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