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There are many luxury properties in Colorado Springs, But If we talk about the property which is all in all itself so we recommend the five-diamond hotel alternatives. Although a lot of valleys and very beautiful attractions in Colorado and summer is a golden time to visit in Colorado.

Luxury Hotel Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs is a very beautiful place of Colorado state and there are many things to visit in colorado but the five-diamond hotel is one of the best hotels in Colorado.

Luxurious hotels all around the world serve elite guests with an unmatchable experience. That is why travelers who want to look out for places where they can enjoy unparalleled amenities at affordable prices, they look for Hotel in Colorado Springs on our FDHA site.

Five Diamond Hotel Alternatives offers some luxurious vacation homes in and outside of Colorado Springs that are not only exquisite but have ample of space for a group as big as 14-16 people. The gorgeous properties are nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to the great care that the owners and the management takes in making these homes a grand experience to every guest that checks in. Luxury hotel Colorado Springs will fall short on a number of facilities available in these homes if compared.

There are many reasons why a guest should check out these exquisite properties on our site 

Easy to book: You can log in to the site with the click of a few buttons and a well thought out navigation will see you each house facilities and pictures to make your decision. One can also look at the pictures and possible packages available alongside the home on offer.

Note: Go through the RENTAL AGREEMENT of each home to make sure you do not miss out on any

an important detail about the house.

Affordability: Luxury Hotel in Colorado Springs is not easily affordable and can never house more than 3 guests. If compared, Vacation homes that are available on the FDHA site offer a variety of homes that are in the budget of most travelers.

Location: Most of the houses are located about 10 miles from downtown center and about 25 miles from the Colorado Springs airport making them pretty accessible from almost any part of the city. Many travelers want to know how soon they can reach and it helps if they know the house is centrally located.

Tasty suppers go from new menu things arranged with natural, privately sourced fixings to the main residence turns on the oily spoon idea. Dive into a touch of bistro charge, a ginormous breakfast burrito or some Bavarian cooking that fits directly in with the Colorado mountain setting.  And it is located in Colorado Springs.

FDHA offers great homes in Colorado Springs that can rival any Luxury hotel in Colorado Springs. We are open for booking for Gateway to Luxury that sleeps 14. Call us on 609-389-9844 or Email us at

Winter Park is Colorado’s top destination during the winter season. If you are looking to stay at one of the vacation rentals in Colorado Springs, then choose the best among the various vacation rentals available in Winter Park.
Five Diamond Hotel Alternatives provides the best vacation homes available in Winter Park. The amenities in the house are on par with the best and are conveniently connected to the most popular locations in the city. The houses offer a beautiful view of the mountains and the beautiful scenery that nature has to offer. We do not charge booking fees and offer the best accommodation at affordable rates.

Horseback ride and tours: Saddle up and explore the beauty that surrounds iconic places like Garden of the Gods and Pikes peak national forest. Enjoy the snow-dusted scenery and explore the splendor of winter in Colorado Springs. It is certainly one of the best way to appreciate your Vacation in Colorado during this time of the year. If you are lucky, you might end up looking at a herd of elk foraging food or catch a rare bald eagle capturing its prey.
Enjoy your stay at privately owned homes in Colorado Springs that are available the whole year at a reasonable cost. Experience a vacation like none other in the heart of the city for your family vacation, family reunion or a romantic weekend getaway. At Five Diamond Hotel Alternatives, enjoy luxury vacation rentals in Colorado Springs for a unique and memorable vacation. Choose from our vacation homes European Nobility: It is a 5 bedroom house, just a few miles from downtown and has amazing views of
Pikes Peak and abundant space.

Gateway to Luxury: It is a luxury home with 5 spacious bedrooms, 2KS and 4QS beds which is conveniently located 2 miles east of the intersection of i-25 & Interquest Parkway in Colorado Springs.

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