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Why Vacation Rentals in Colorado Springs are better than Hotels!

Published on March 26, 2018 by admin

There are plenty of options to choose from while on a vacation in Colorado Springs. There is various vacation rental in Colorado Springs that offer value for money propositions that are not only worth exploring but also give you a peek into the city life that is beyond the confines of a plush hotel in Colorado Springs.

Though the luxury hotels in Colorado Springs offer exemplary services and various activities to fill your day, you would still miss out on that holiday vibe that you strongly desire while you all snuggle up in the comfort of a holiday home just like the one that keeps you together as a family.

vacation rental colorado springs

Why a Vacation Rental in Colorado Springs?

1) Missing home, here is the alternate:

Well, to begin with, it is unlike the readymade hotel rooms that are one of the many dottings the busy yet commercial city landscape. A vacation rental is a home away from home and yet it takes care of all your holiday needs that you want out of your vacation.

Vacation Rentals in Colorado Springs come in all sizes, however, if you are traveling with a group, you can choose from 2 bedroom houses to affordable & luxurious 5 bedroom homes that would cost anywhere between $600 to $800. Given a family of 10 can be easily accommodated in the house and yet it allows for space for more, a vacation rental in Colorado Springs becomes an ideal choice in comparison to the luxury hotels in Colorado Springs.

2) Vacation in Colorado Springs is vacation & much more:

So, you decide to have a great time with your group (Family, friends or colleague) & decide on a place to settle. What would you do during this vacation in Colorado Springs? Would you all snuggle up and spend the whole weekend in your lovely, luxurious house or just go outside and experience what the city has to offer. There are various places to go to if you happen to visit it during the spring and summer season. You can visit the Garden of Gods, Air force academy and Pikes Peak to name a few. You can also visit art galleries and enjoy the nightlife the city has to offer if you like clubbing and partying.

For the outdoor enthusiast who would like to marvel at nature in its full glory, you should trek to Pikes Peak and experience nature. More information about can be found in the Link, Click to know more.

3) What Hotels in Colorado Springs do not give:

Well, the owners of these vacation rentals are a lovely bunch of people who make you feel at home right away & moreover they are just a phone call away unless the call is in the middle of the night. Your comfort and convenience is their utmost priority and they will go at lengths to ensure that happens. If you are a couple & looking for a romantic vacation in Colorado Springs, you shouldn’t be surprised to find these vacation rentals offering great deals on long stays. And if you are a large group, enough resources are available all around the house to make your stay fun and relaxing.

vacation rental colorado springs

4) Location & Views:

Most of the vacation rental owners ensure that a patio, balcony, and even the front porch offers stunning views of the location just like any renowned hotel in Colorado Springs. With the onset of the spring season, everything seems beautiful & serene which makes these views worth experiencing and cherishing for the rest of your lives.

5) Spacious homes at the cost of a room:

Walk into any hotel in Colorado Springs with good reviews and reputation to boast and chances are, its rooms are exorbitantly expensive in comparison to 4-5 bedroom vacation rentals in Colorado Springs. Group of 10-12 would save a great deal if they book these vacation homes in advance and save themselves a lot of money. At times the owners of these vacation homes charge a little extra for few more guests and let you enjoy a fun-filled weekend with family, friends and even extended families. Combinations of so many factors make them a sweet spot amongst travelers wanting to have a great time in the confines of a luxury vacation rental.

vacation rental colorado springs

6) Weather: Spring & Summer

It is the fag end of winter and mild February has ensured ski destination have underperformed but the hotels and vacation rentals in Colorado Springs have done better business than usual. By mid of April when the spring season is in its first bloom, tourist will begin to flock to the vacation rental in Colorado Springs and hotels in Colorado Springs. From May till September, business usually picks up, further underlying the benefits of booking in advance for the peak season and not missing out on the best possible vacation homes in your area of interest.

7) Rooms V/s Vacation home

vacation rental colorado springs

Let’s admit one simple fact, a hotel room, however wonderful that hotel maybe is a hotel room and a vacation home is a vacation home. This simple yet vastly ignored fact comes to the core of traveler booking patterns. Most travelers are dissuaded by the fact that they will need to take care of certain things in order to adapt to a vacation rental experience. However, what they fail to understand is that a vacation home is a home away from home and can never be an alternate. It is a different category competitor which is vastly better due to a wide variety of factors like space, comfort and the host’s willingness to cooperate.

We at FDHA offer some wonderful homes that are not only luxurious and spacious but replete with features that can rival any luxury hotel in the town. Located inside and outside Colorado Springs these homes are luxury personified and are a permanent fixture for couples and groups. So, if you are looking for a great place to stay at affordable rates, you have to look no further than our vacation rental in Colorado Springs.
So, you have packed your bags and decided to take the plane to Colorado Springs. Wait, have you missed out on things that you might require while you are here.

Things to keep in your luggage while on vacation in Colorado Springs…..

One needs to pack for all types of weather when visiting Colorado Springs. Weather is fickle and changes quite quickly in a matter of a few minutes. Keep it in mind while you pack your essentials.

What you require:

If you are visiting in summer you would need the sweater in the morning and night. You need to keep in mind the temperature drop as frequent showers are a normal phenomenon during summer. A coat is required if you go up to the mountains.

Dress Code

Dress in layers while you are visiting Colorado Springs. Wear a T-shirt under a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt/sweater. Always remember to take a coat- lightweight for winter, but a warm coat for winter, especially when you are going to the mountains.
Bag and Baggage
You need to have a backpack for sure in order to go on hiking trails and up in the mountains. For everything else keep a suitcase ready.
vacation rental colorado springs

Dining out

You do not need to dress up to go out dining in this mountainous city. Most restaurants prefer jeans & T-shirt barring a few like in Broadmoor and Cliffhouse where you would do better if you dress up to the T. Overall the town’s vibe are pretty casual when it comes to dining out.


If you are hiking, you need to pack hiking shoes/boots, hiking clothes, & don’t miss out on sunscreen, mosquito repellent and camera. Do not miss out on capturing panoramic views while you are up in the mountains, marveling at all.

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